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Are you on a diet looking for a low-carb, sugar-free dessert? Or do you want to indulge without feeling guilty after finishing a slice? Are you simply craving for a mouthwatering, lip-smacking treat?

Chrisha’s Kitchen is the home of desserts that won’t leave you feeling guilty. We want everyone to be able to enjoy sugar-free desserts that don’t sacrifice taste and quality. Made with premium ingredients, each cake is filled with rich and complex layers of taste.

We promise that each cake on our menu fulfills these five qualities:

  • • Keto Friendly
  • • Diabetic Friendly
  • • Sugar Free
  • • Gluten Free
  • • Low Carb

From the buttery crunch of the Sansrival to the caffeine-rich Tiramisu, our cakes promise pure indulgence with every bite. We serve sinfully decadent desserts that are absolutely worth your buck. Our cakes are perfect for the sweet-toothed individual who’s looking to cut back on sugar and unwanted calories or the diabetic missing the taste of authentic desserts. We only use premium ingredients to create these cakes that will leave you coming back for more. Exceptionally delicious desserts that don’t break the bank and your diet, all served fresh by Chrisha’s Kitchen.

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I have been a lot of things. A food lover. A baker. A banker. A health and fitness enthusiast. An entrepreneur.

Two and a half years ago, I decided to put my love for cooking into good use by making gourmet salted egg potato chips. My first clients were my friends and co-workers. It quickly captured their palates and their hearts. With much encouragement, I decided to sell to a bigger market online. When the demand for it skyrocketed, it enabled me to quit my corporate job and pursue this venture into the food industry.

My journey with the Ketogenic Diet began after noticing that the salad-plus-gym combo wasn’t working for me. This gave me immediate results! Going low-carb and sugar free was a challenge, especially giving up on treats. With my talent for baking, I began researching and experimenting on cakes which are Keto-compliant but does not sacrifice taste. These cakes which were intended for home consumption – for me and my dad who is diabetic, caught the attention of those on Keto. I decided to start selling these Keto-friendly treats in addition to the salted egg chips. Thus, Chrisha’s Kitchen was born.

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