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My MIL said the Bordeaux Chocolate Fudge was so good and yummy. I gave it to her as a Mother’s day treat, even my FIL who was not a fan of chocolates or anything sweet loved it. I’ll definitely order one for myself and try the other cakes after this ECQ. Thank you! <3

Ena A.

I tried 4 of their cakes already (Burnt Basque Cheesecake, Moist Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu, and Almond Sans rival) and I just love them all. My favorite is the Almond Sans rival. It’s just so addicting! It’s really so hard to believe that these cakes are sugar-free cos they taste better than normal cakes. ❤


Hi, I’ve been a big fan. I think that you are a really talented keto baker. My favorites are almond sansrival, carrot cake and strawberry shortcake, in that order. I have yet to try your red velvet though. Thank you so much for baking for us. Request: MATCHA Cake. 🙂


Sweets can be “sinful” and will leave you guilt-stricken after indulging one.

But isn’t it a good feeling sometimes when you just gave in to the temptation and feel good about it afterwards?

I am still talking about desserts here. 😂

So I found out about a certain dream cake and devouring it never felt so good.

Case in Point:

@chrishas.kitchen’s Bourdeaux Chocolate Fudge Dream Cake.

#Orgasmic 😂

Pretty much a representation of the name “Bourdeaux”, a place in France where everything is just beautiful. Like the gems of France, “The Louvre” and “The Eiffel Tower”, @chrishas.kitchen’s Bourdeaux Chocolate Fudge definitely stands out from the rest. Well, as of this writing. 🙂

Homer Pablo

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